For us locksmithing is more than just a job – it’s the way we serve the people of Cleveland. Doors, locks, keys, and knobs are something that people interact with tens, if not hundreds, of times a day. Most people are completely oblivious as to how much they actually use these devices and that’s the way it should be. But when doors, locks, keys, and knobs fail they can cause a lot of frustration, time, and for businesses money. That’s why we take great pleasure in the responsibility of serving the greater Cleveland community. Whether it’s residential, commercial or any security matter we take each and every task very seriously.

Providing an Honest Timeline

Some locksmithing jobs do not have a definite timeline. A client may want to upgrade their existing locks to improve the aesthetic of their house or business. A client may want to fix their misaligned door that squeaks too much and gets stuck. These are all jobs that don’t have an immediate timeline. However, when a person is locked out of their house because of a locked key, someone compromised a house key, or a key broke in a door, or essential commercial hardware fails – these require immediate action. We strive to have technicians available within a timely matter to provide any locksmith service someone may need. We try our best to provide a detailed and accurate time we can arrive. If a customer would like a locksmith to arrive in one hour there is no benefit to promising. If we’re only going to be able to arrive in three hours we say we’ll only be able to arrive in three hours. Trust in a locksmith to arrive to your location in the greater Cleveland area starts with the minute you pick up the phone and dial 216-505-1389.