Here’s a report from the field about two digital combination locks that broke.

The first was on the West side. It’s a Schlage digital lock with key over ride. The latch malfunctioned after consistent use. This resulted in both the combination not working and the key over ride not working. This lock was used for a shower room. The lock gets accessed many times a day and is exposed to heat and steam. This was not a good choice for a high use commercial application.

Case 2

The second one was in Mayfield Heights. This lock was used for a shared office that is accessed hundreds of times a day. For not that much money they could have gotten appropriate grade 2 or even grade 1 hardware.

The latch on this digital lock also failed. It’s not surprising given the amount of use it gets.

Off the shelf solutions work for many people but if you run a business you need to consider the long term. Can you deal with a disruption in the work day because of a lock? What’s the replacement cost? How much will it cost to have a locksmith come out and fix the lock?

If you have a commercial property or business give us a call to provide some consultation. We can provide various solutions at different price points and give the pros and cons of each.


A positive review can go a long way for a local South Euclid / University Heights based business. Only after a job is complete, the customer is satisfied, and they’ve paid do I bring up leaving a review. I don’t want the customer to feel any pressure or incentive to leave a review – I want it to be genuine.

Customer reviews go a long way when it comes to finding new clients. People use reviews on Amazon and Yelp and similar companies to make decisions about what products to buy and which company to hire.

Reviews don’t just provide an opportunity to advertise and grow the business. I’m proud and grateful when people are satisfied with my work and take a little bit of time to show that appreciation.

A lot of times people aren’t sure what to say. I don’t want to write a review for myself. However, I tell people to think about what they liked best: quality of work, showing up on time, cleaning up, price, friendly service etc.

Simply leaving a 5 Star review on Google Business and saying “great job,” helps tremendously. Money is nice but I’d take a review over a tip any day.

One thing that I like about reviews is that they play into my business model. I’m not going to try and upcharge for something to make a quick buck. I’d much rather give the customerbecactly what they want at a fair price. It’s good for everyone and it’s the right thing to do. Remember the golden rule of treating others how they’d like to be treated.

Giving a good price or fixing something small at no cost “loses” a few dollars now. Positive reviews and word of mouth are far more valuable. I’m not saying I wa t it to happen every day but I like when I show up and dont even charge a customer. Yes, the assessment is free. That type of service is worth more than any advertising cost.

Lock Alchemy is doing great with residential Locksmithing in Cleveland. We are locally owned and operated which allows us to get to customers quickly. Our mobile locksmith service keeps overhead down. This combination allows us to service homes at great prices.

Whether it’s a new home rekey, upgraded locks, or a door problem we can fix it.

We love educating consumers and saving them money. We can approach  almost any situation and offer different options to meet budget, security, and style.

Many customers are surprised to learn that the cost of hiring a locksmith is actually more affordable than they thought. Our prices are upfront and we provide free assessments and quote on site.

We have a huge amount of residential locks in stock. We can supply most brands and finishes the same day. In the event that we need to order something we can get most products within 1-2 days.




Removed company information on mobile locksmith car for customers privacy

Recently I did a rekey for a home in Beachwood Ohio. A simple rekey to change some locks instead of replacing them. The owner of the home had their reasons for why they wanted them changed. We don’t need to go into details.

Here at Lock Alchemy we are all about security and privacy. This person asked for my vehicle to be unmarked. No problem. Magnets were removed and we got to their location in Beachwood unnoticed. My tool bag backpack covered up the back of my shirt that said locksmith. Just like that, full incognito.

It was a great job and the customer was fantastic. However, the best part was getting to educate a new customer about locks and their options for home security. I even got them to save money by giving back them advice on what to replace and not replace. Also, turns out, they have a need for a commercial locksmith! It’s a great feeling gaining the trust and respect of customers and have a relationship grow to do more business together!

If you have security or privacy needs for you’re home or business in Beachwood give Lock Alchemy a call at 216-505-1389.

What is Smart Key Technology?

Kwikset and Baldwin have offered their smart key system for homes, property managers, and other applications for several years now. They’ve gone through several modifications, changes and upgrades to make them better too. The idea behind these locks is that they allow owners to change the locks with a special tool. A working key is needed in order to change the lock. If you don’t have working key a special reset produce has to be completed.

Kwikset SmartKey locks are a cost effective solution for property managers and others who have a need to frequently change their locks. Smart Key technology allows property managers to easily change the locks by themselves within minutes. This ability can offer security and cost savings, especially for property managers with a high turnover. For example, the day a tenant leaves, the manager can change all the locks.

Selection & Styles

They are offered in several styles and finishes including satin nickel, bright brass, oiled rubber, antique brass, knobs, deadbolts, and handlesets. Essentially, the Kwikset line offers everything that you could reasonably need.

Issues & Problems

While they have improved there are some difficulties with these locks. Latches can fail, the locks can fail, lockouts are more difficult, and there can be issues with changing to a new key. We can provide you with the education you need to decide if this system is appropriate for your business. If not, we have several other options for you ranging from high security locks, interchangeable cores, and more.

How We Can Help

Our prices for these locks are extremely reasonable, we compete with big box stores. Our low prices don’t effect the same great service we will provide you property management company. We can install a new set of these locks for you or provide the necessary equipment to install and maintain them yourself.

In addition to a Kwikset Smart-Key system, we can provide a host of services ranging from door installation, door jamb repair, padlocks, safes, service contracts and other security products and services.

If you have property you manage in the Cleveland area and you’d like to learn more call Lock Alchemy at 216-505-1389. We service a 10 mile radius from our South Euclid / University Heights location and can respond to your needs to surrounding neighborhoods quickly.



key code for a file cabinet lock

I frequently get calls calls looking for a key for a file cabinet lock. My first recommendation is always to check to see if the lock has a key code on it. Companies often put key codes on a lock. These key codes allow a locksmith or the company to produce a key that will match that lock. If there is a code and the customer knows company that made the cabinet I first thing that I do is tell them to call the company. Often times the company will simply ship them a new key for a small fee. This saves them the hassle of taking pictures.

Then showing them to a locksmith to produce a key. This code system sounds simple but it can actually be very complicated. There are hundreds of different types of keys. Key codes are not available for every make and model. Even if a locksmith makes a key it might not end up working. This is why I encourage everyone to save the hassle and just order a key.

Sometimes the company no longer exists or they don’t even know the proper key for the cabinet lock. Once this is the case I can do the research and produce a working key for the file cabinet. I always recommend the past of least resistance and try to save customers money and time.

We’re closing out another week here at the mobile shop. It’s been a hectic week of new customers, new stock, more shelving, accounting, and inventory tracking.

We can’t that everyone enough for such a good week. Our customers are fantastic and our suppliers have shipped everything we needed on time. Another big thanks to my local post office for dealing with some large and heavy packages.

We’ll be back up and running on Sunday. Have a good weekend everyone!

The other day I rekeyed the locks on a security door and the front door of a home in Beachwood Ohio. Security doors are metal doors in front of a main entrance door. As the name implies. Their metal construction offers another layer of security for someone trying to enter a home.

Give  the quality of the locks I was able to save this customer a significan amount of money and keep the same look of the locks they had on their security door and front entry door.

Often times the cost of a locksmith is less than the cost and hassle of replacing the locks.

If you’re interested in rekeying your locks due to any number of reasons give Lock Alchemy a call at 216-505-1389


Adams Rite and Adams Rite Style door locks for aluminum doors are some of the most common types of commercial door hardware you will find. You will find them on entrance doors to glass/ aluminum doors on store fronts. These locks are versatile and very well made.

Brand name ASSA Abloy Adams Rite locks are grade 1 and designed to withstand the use and abuse of highly trafficked doors. There are lower quality versions available but they often aren’t worth the hassle. They don’t cost that much less and the risk of a malfunction can cost you money calling a locksmith or worse, a break in.

These style of locks can accept many different key ways including Schlage, Arrow, Everest, Primus, Medeco and other restricted keyways.

Ordering the correct parts for your door is easy for a locksmith but not that easy for a layman. The lock itself comes in a variety of backsets, latching systems and finish options.

If you’re looking for someone to install a new Adams Rite lock or service your aluminum commercial door in Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs call Lock Alchemy, LLC today.