Lock Alchemy Locksmiths offers a range of high security key systems and master key system options. We walk customers through selecting a system, implemention, and any ongoing maintenance.

We have several systems in place to help businesses manager their keys. Our high security keys are stamped for identification. We also provide stamping services for master key systems.

Our professional software allows us to safely store and manage your master key system to provent issues with lost keys, changing locks, hardware upgraded, security changes, room use changes and the like.

Our combination of offline computer software and paper systems offer redundancy, security, and peace of mind to customers.

Our system ensures that unauthorized individuals will not be able to duplicate keys from us.

We also provide solutions for businesses, management companies, and HR departments to track keys and user access.

This article is a continuation in a series about our high security and master key system product offerings.

Do Not Duplicate, Copy Right, All Rights Reserved.

We’ve seen these phrases everywhere yet people still copy keys, pirate software, and share music illegally.

Do you want to ensure no one is able to copy your keys to your home or business? Enter “key control.”

Key Control is the idea that only certain individuals have access to certain types of keys. They can be restricted to locksmiths, distributors, geographical areas, and end-users.

Locksmiths that have accounts with certain distributors are able to purchase lock cylinders and key blanks distributor limited keyway. While this adds a layer of complication to getting a copy it’s far from full proof. These blanks are often available online from many dealers. There are some locksmiths that will over look securing appropriate documentation before duplicating these types of keys.

Real restricted key systems require a locksmith to buy in to a product line. This ensures that only locksmiths who’ve spent large sums of money are able to make key copies.

Medeco is one of the biggest names in lock security. If you’re looking to improve your security a known name like Medeco may be your first choice. Medeco is a great company and they offer many excellent products, however, switching to a new lock system can be confusing with Medeco.

Part of that confusion is by design. People invest in Medeco locks for security and key control. Hardware stores don’t have the machinery to duplicate keys. The blanks require special dealer agreements to get and locksmiths will only cut them with proper identification card and paperwork. Different key blanks add to this difficulty.

Medeco offers a variety of different key systems. Original, biaxial, M3, X4 etc. The pros and cons are determined by the specific user application.

While all Medeco locks are top quality some of them are not drill resistant. Got true high value / high security applications drill resistance may be a necessity. Older Medeco systems have expired patents and key blanks are readily available.

If you’re thinking of upgrading to a high security lock system call Lock Alchemy Locksmiths at 216-505-1389. We can walk you through the selection and implemention process.

2018 has been incredible year here at Lock Alchemy Locksmiths. We’ve grown our business in every sector and have significantly expanded our product offerings.

Residential: We’ve teamed up with national home warranty companies to offer rekey services. Many of our customers are just moving into their new home. Some homes were occupied by the owners and some were rental properties. Either way they’re satisfied to know that they’re the only ones with the keys to their home.

Residential New Locks: We continue to stock, install, and service more mechanical push button locks. They often aren’t as easy to install on older does than people would imagine. It’s our privilege to make adding a combination lock an easy process.

Property Management / Real Estate: This year we’ve expanded our client list with more property managers. Lost keys, door issues, hardware replacements. We’ve done a lot to ease the process of managing multiple properties for investors and managers. We’ve also partnered with several real estate agents to be their preferred locksmith.

Commercial: Perhaps our biggest area of growth this year has been in the commercial locksmith sector. We’ve installed commercial grade door hardware including lever sets, door closers, and panic hardware, as well as repaired many doors. Master key systems have helped businesses rent out office space and continue to maintain access for service staff.

Social Media: We’re continuing to post job site pictures, completed projects, and helpful tips on Instagram, Facebook, and Google Business.

High Security & Restricted Systems: Businesses often have a need for a locksmith to provide master key systems and high security locks. We’ve significantly expanded our offerings of high security locks. We offer popular brands such as Medeco, ASSA, Mul-T-Lock, and our own regionally restricted keyway. The closest locksmith in any direction that has access to this key is in New York State. We’ll be posting more about specific lines, systems, and benefits.

Thank you all for a wonderful 2018 and we’re looking to make 2019 the best year yet! Happy New Year!