Lock Alchemy is licensed by GMS to be this areas provider of MX12 restricted locks, cylinders, and keys. The closest locksmith with access to these keys and locks are in McKinley New York.

“DO NOT DUPLICATE” stamped on keys is becoming increasingly irrelevant if not deceiving. There is nothing illegal to stop anyone from duplicating a key stamped “do not duplicate.” Most hardware stores will duplicate these keys without ever examining them. The presence of DIY key machines in grocery stores allows people to simply place the key in the machine and produce copies. There are now even apps that allow copies of keys to be made by picture, thereby removing the need for a key to be taken off the premises of a building. Lastly, unscrupulous locksmiths will duplicate many “high security” keys for a quick dollar.

Our MX Restricted Key System controls things from the source. A contract and initial purchase are necessary to have access to these keys and locks. Additionally, they are geographically restricted. Each key blank box is also factory labeled identifying the locksmith it was shipped to.

This key system also allows for the flexibility to be master keyed and used in various types of door and lock hardware. Incredible versatility, durability, and affordability. Unlike other restricted key systems like Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, and ASSA – MX is very affordable for small businesses that don’t want to skimp on security but don’t want to pay high dollar for brand names.



Per our contract with GMS and our suppliers we must stamp all keys with a company identifier. We stamp keys with “ALCH” to represent our company. The second number designates the number your key system has been assigned. The third number represents the individual number assigned to each key. Even if multiples of a key is made each key will have it’s own identifying number. Each key is tracked within our system reducing the cost of lockouts and key duplication. In many cases, we can simply ship keys to authorized personnel.






Contact us today to learn more about how we can implement MX at your business or home. We can provide an in person demonstration and quote at no cost to you.