Lock Alchemy Locksmiths and Security is proud to announce that we see now authorized dealer of Hanwha security cameras.

Hanwha is a subsidiary of Samsung, the South Korean technology company. Being headquartered in South Korea offers several advantages. South Korea has been known for decades of innovation in technology, stable supply chain, and reduced involvement in political/trade upsets such as tariffs.

We installed 16 of this cameras soon after our partnership and are very impressed with their quality, features, and ability to work with multiple recording/ software systems.

Update: The supply chain disruption from the Coronovirus has, so far, not effected the supply on Hawnwha cameras.

ZKTeco offers a number of quality products in different sectors. They have everything from access control, visitor management systems, metal detectors, point of sale systems, camera integration and more. ZkTeco may be an excellent choice for your access control project – especially if you are considering integrating many other options and features into your system and would like to remain budget friendly.

ZKTeco does have some lower budget access control systems but don’t think that they only offer bare bones systems. The new Atlas Series for Electronic Access control offers a lot of options for basic installations. They offer one, two, and four door kits. Of course, the panels are expandable to add extra doors.


One of the biggest features of the new Atlas series is their built in web application. A mini-web server is built into the panel allowing users to manage the software from anywhere. It’s not cloud based and there is no need for a monthly subscription. This web application is feature rich and includes things like: User Enrollment & Management, Door Control & Monitoring, Lockdown, Reporting, Maps, Anti-Passback, First-Card Opening, Multi-Card Opening, Card Design and Duress PINs.

If you’ll allow us to get technical for a little bit: ZKTeco is actually ahead of the game with their door readers. Typical access control systems use something called “Wiegand” which while secure, does have some flaws. Their new Atlas series allows you to use traditional Wiegand readers and newer more secure OSDP readers. Which is perfect for a retro install to keep your old Wiegand readers, a new install using less expensive Wiegand readers, and for newer more high security installations that require OSDP readers.  ZKTeco supports a lot of different bio-metric options as well.


ZKTeco can also integrate with other smart features like controlling lights, alarms, annunciators, intrusion detection panels, additional locking devices, or any other external electrical device that can be controlled by a switch. They offer and Android app to easily access their software but the controller is accessible on Iphone via a web browser.


ZKTeco also has many other solutions that can integrate with other access an security needs. They have visitor managment systems that are designed to work with schools, hospitals, non-profits, and businesses. Some of features include: Web-Based Administration and Monitoring Software; Simple Structure and Smooth Workflow; Multiple Language Options; Fast and Consistent Communication; Customizable Visitor Entry Forms; Facial Recognition Technology; Real-Time Analytics Dashboard; Sync with Access Control Systems; Alarms and Events Email Notifications; System Log Monitoring System; and, Standard, Advanced, and High Secure Options.