24 7 Locksmith Myths

They saying nothing good happens after 12 pm. That’s often true with late night emergency lockouts. There are many legitimate reasons why someone would be locked out at night and need a 24/7 locksmith. They may work a late shift at a hotel, gas station, or in the medical field. Unfortunately many of the calls are from intoxicated people. This often leads to them not showing up, difficulty verifying ownership, not having a method of payment, and refusals to pay.

For many legitimate locksmiths this is more hassle then the cost is worth, even though the price is increased as a late night emergency lockout. Many locksmiths will take payment prior to leaving the comfort of their bed.

If you need emergency lockout services confirm a maximum price before agreeing to a have a locksmith come out. Unfortunately, there are many unsavory people looking to make a quick buck offer of desperate people.