Recommended / NOT Recommended Smart Locks

We only install/support the following brands: Schlage, Kwikset, Lockey, Lockly

We do NOT recommend: Eufy, Ultraloq, Amazon Basics, Yale, Smonet, Defiant

What key do you currently have?

Most residential locks use two different types of keys. They are not compatible. A Kwikset key will not go into a Schlage Lock. A Schlage key will not go into a Kwikset Lock. In order to use one key, you have to have all of the same type of lock. If you’re home already has Kwikset locks, it generally makes sense to use a smart lock that has a Kwikset key. That way, one key can open all of the locks on your house.

We still recommend carrying a key! Smart locks are convenient. It can prevent getting locked out, but you should still carry a key. The electrical components of smart locks can fail. For this reason, we recommend smart locks that have a key override.