Adams Rite Paddle for Storefront Door

The Adams Rite 4590 Deadlatch Paddle is a common piece of door hardware on commercial glass storefront doors. Pushing this paddle retracts the latch on the side of the door allowing someone to exit. While Adams Rite is the company that originally designed this hardware there are several companies that produce aftermarket versions including: General Lock, International Door Closers, LSDA, and others.

Here is an example of one installed on a deadlatch. These need to be installed correctly and have tight tolerances. Everything must be aligned properly in order for the lock to function correctly. In this article I’d like to provide several photos of this type of push paddle. The one in the pictures happens to be from General Lock. There are some small variations between different brands but the general principles remain the same.

I highly advice anyone working on one of these push paddles to make sure they do not lose the springs. It’s best to have a replacement on hand just in case. It’s preferable to contact a locksmith near you or a company that specializes in aluminum glass storefront doors.


Adams Rite Paddle


This is what the inside of the paddle body looks like. You’ll notice the disk inside the lock body and a bar running up and down the lock

















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