Amherst is the birthplace of the owner, Mark! I graduated from Marion L Steel in 06.  Providing locksmith services to Amherst is a matter of pride. I now live on the East Side but I’m happy I can still provide services to the city I was born and raised in.  Most of our locksmith services in Amherst are for residential customers. However, we do occasionally get to service some of the businesses at the 5 points in downtown Amherst.  We have a locksmith who lives in Elyria who is ready to take on your commercial or residential locksmith needs in Amherst, OH. Amherst is known to be a safe “bedroom community” and we’re proud to help keep it that way by providing excellent locksmith services to Amherst and the surrounding areas.

There are a few ways we set ourselves apart from others

  1. upfront pricing. We do NOT do the $29 service call and then tell you how much it will be after the work is completed. We try our best to get all the information we need and provide pricing before we set off to your location. We have very specific flat rate pricing that covers 95% of the jobs we do.
  2. Friendly & Professional service. For some reason, it has been our experience that a lot of locksmiths are not the friendliest when answering the phone. We try to pick up the phone as soon as it rings and offer a pleasant experience.
  3. Staff. We have a local locksmith ready to provide services but we also have multiple other locksmiths that can come to your location or provide advanced automotive locksmith work.
  4. While we’re not based in Amherst it is, in a sense, our hometown and we provide services our hometown deserves.


Deadbolts Installation- Amherst, Ohio

Deadbolts are meant to provide an added layer of security. They are also the most common way of adding a smart lock to a home. We routinely add deadbolts to doors that don’t currently have a deadbolt. We can install them on wood doors, vintage doors, doors with custom covers, and even metal plated doors. We recommend replacing double sided deadbolts with single sided deadbolts because the risk of fire is typically higher than the risk of theft. Additionally, we offer high security deadbolts with restricted keys.


Rekey in Amherst, OH

Most customers are surprised to learn that they don’t need to replace every lock in their house in order to get a new key. We can rekey locks. Rekeying locks simply means that we take the old pins out of the lock and replace them with new pins. This helps reduce costs and preserves the same hardware and look that you currently have. We can typically get all the locks on a house to operate with the same new key. Sometimes a few locks need to get switched out in order for all of the locks to work on the same key. We don’t have to replace them and the customer can use two keys The old key will NOT work and a new key will. We can cut additional keys on site.


We use the most top rated, recognized brands: Kwikset, Baldwin, Ilco, Schlage, ASSA, Medeco and Arrow.