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South Euclid Storefront Door Repair

A facility in South Euclid had an issue with an aluminum glass storefront door. These types of doors are called narrow stile because the border around the glass is smaller. This allows for a larger glass surface on the door which customers like. In order to accommodate this set-up, special locks must but used. These […]

Why We Chose ASSA for Our Restricted / High Security Key System

Restricted keys are keys that can only be duplicated by someone authorized to duplicate them. The increase in key duplication machines and apps that cut keys based on pictures has increased the demand for restricted keys. Keys stamped “Do Not Duplicate” is a more of a suggestion to the person holding the key. Few stores […]

A Locksmith’s Guide to Selecting a Smart Lock

Most articles simply list their top 5 or top 10 smart locks and explain the positives and negatives of each. This articles will also provide a list of top smart lock recommendations but will also explain some of the mechanics and functions of smart locks in general. It’s great knowing the benefits of different locks […]

Shaker Heights Mortise Lock Restoration

Recently we had a very interesting project that took some creative solutions. We do a lot of work with vintage hardware and antique mortise locks. We got a call from a new customer in Shaker Heights who was looking for some help. It was a beautiful classic Shaker Heights house built during the great depression. […]

August 2021 Commercial Locksmith Update

2021 has had it’s challenges but it’s also provided some incredible opportunities. This year we’ve seen an explosion in our commercial locksmithing division. Changing Hands A lot of real estate has changed hands and/or a new management company has been brought on. We’ve been brought on to assist with lock and technology transfers between outgoing […]

Top Questions I Get Asked as a Locksmith

Can you pick every lock? Every lock probably can be picked by someone. Can’t you just slip a credit card between the latch to open the door? Slipping a latch to open the door isn’t as easy as it sounds. There has to be enough of a gap between the door and frame to get […]

Now Servicing Lorain County

We are now offering residential and commercial locksmithing services along with our other security services in Lorain County! We have a locksmith that lives in Elyria and services those areas directly, as well as coming out to Cleveland. Elyria is centrally located in Lorain County which helps reduce our arrival times. Providing locksmith services in […]

August 2021 at Lock Alchemy Residential Locksmith

A LOT has been happening at Lock Alchemy, located in South Euclid. I plan on writing several blog posts detailing what’s been going. We have maintained a steady growth in the residential market from 2020. There are several factors driving the increased demand of residential locksmithing services. The real estate market has been very hot […]

Emtek Troubles in Beachwood

Emtek is a high end brand of custom door hardware. They make custom deadbolts, knobs, and handle sets. By custom, I mean virtually custom. There are 20+ different finishes to choose from and you can mix and match back plates, knob styles, lever styles, and trim plates. Everything is assembled individually with an order. The […]

Recessed Door Alarm Sensors

The actual installation of a standard door sensor for a modern alarm system is not that difficult. Essentially, there is a strip of double sided tape placed on the back of the sensor then it’s stuck to the door. Same process with the magnet. There are however, a number of considerations that make it more […]