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Covid-19 Forecast for the Security Industry

I’m not a fortune teller and I make no promises but I have a few thoughts about the impact of Covid-19 on the security industry. Thermal Cameras: I need to address this first.  Every manufacturer is going to try and sell a fever detection system. Companies have already been caught faking the technology and accuracy […]

BEST SFIC Machined or Stamped Caps?

Working with SFIC locks requires learning a new skill set and terminology. It’s a different way to think about locks. One point of confusion is the difference between machine and stamped caps. The LAB pinning kit comes with both machined and stamped caps and both types are readily available from suppliers. So which ones should […]

Covid-19 Lockdown

Our businesses has been deemed essential (security and network infrastructure). In order to promote the safety of our workers and the general public we are still in minimal operation in the field. We are only taking high priority service calls: lockouts, lock and key issues for essential businesses, fixing hazardous door issues, fixing security cameras […]

Now IPVM Video Surveillance Installation Certified

The founder of Lock Alchemy is now an IPVM certified Video Surveillance Installer. The 6 week course consists of bi-weekly online classes, reading assignments, homework, and a final exam.  This thorough class and certification will help consumers understand that we are not just a company that “can do cameras.” Rather, we are passionate about professional […]

A New Perspective on SFIC Locks

SFIC cores are a type of interchangeable lock. An operating key opens the door and a special key called a control key removes the lock core from the the lock itself – without needing to disassemble the lock. The ability to remove the new old lock and put a new one in has several advantages. […]

Pricing & Qoute Policies

“Please submit a proposal” “Could you provide an estimate?” “How much will it be?” We’re asked all the time by our Cleveland neighbors to provide pricing information for locksmithing, access control, and security cameras. There are a few reasons why it’s often times complicated to provide an exact price. We’re not trying to be obtuse […]

Consumer versus Professional Grade

The proliferation of smart locks, DIY, alarms, Wi-Fi Cameras, and DIY home automation kits have had a huge impact on the industry. Many people think that The DIY market is cripplingly traditional manufacturers and installation companies. It has impacted some but it’s actually been a help for most. Many customers see items like smartlocks or […]

DIY Security Cameras & Coaxial Cable

The 2019 holiday season is full of discounts on DIY home camera systems. We recommend that everyone strongly consider using IP cameras with PoE (power over Ethernet). However, budget considerations and the inability to return a kit may result in a home owner sticking with a coax Security camera system. Here at Lock Alchemy Locksmiths […]


DIY Alarms Will Have Unforseen Consequences

There is a proliferation of new DIY alarm and security systems. Tech companies are hungry to offer yet another device and subscription service. Privacy concerns aside, there are some issues with DIY security and alarm systems. Before delving into potential issues, I’d like to state that DIY is okay. There’s nothing wrong with someone taking […]


New Profession “Tech Smith”

Professional titles help people understand very quickly what someone does. Doctor, lawyer, teacher. We know what they do. However, the term “locksmith” is quite ambiguous. The term “Locksmith” is related to blacksmith because locks and keys were forged. Creating locks and keys required the ability to heat, shape, and manipulate metals. Today, keys are cut […]