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Introducing Field Notes

We have several mini blog sections now: the regular blog, Lab Notes, and now Field Notes The purpose of Field Notes is to communicate we do on a daily basis, methods we use, products we use, and how we overcome challenges. Many people do not fully understand the scope of Lock Alchemy as a company. […]

Wireless Alarm Systems & Communication Methods

There is a lot of confusion about how alarm systems work. Firstly, what is monitoring. Monitoring means there is a company dedicated to answering calls, alerts, responding to those alerts, and calling local police and fire. Self-monitored simply means that the system will notify YOU, the user, that something has occurred and it’s up to […]

Qolsys IQ 2 Alarm Panel

The Qolsys IQ 2 Alarm Panel is our go to panel for a residential security system. You may find that there is also a IQ2 Plus model. At this time, the only difference is that the IQ 2 plus model can also use Power G sensors. Power G sensors are very good all around sensors […]

Alarm Industry Disrupt in Cleveland

Lock Alchemy isn’t just “doing alarm system.” We’re disrupting the industry in several important ways. Local Recent events have taught us the importance of relying on local businesses. Frankly, large alarm companies will never care about your installation, system, user experience, and satisfaction like a local company. Local companies have less hoops to jump through […]

Now Providing Alarm Systems

Lock Alchemy Locksmiths & Security is now a provider of home and commercial alarm systems. Residential: We’re very excited to provide home alarm systems. We are so excited because we’re doing something different from other companies. We’re happy to bring the same customer service and support we provide with our other services to the alarm […]

We are now a Qolsys Alarm Dealers

Qolsys is a leading alarm panel manufacturer. They produce residential and commercial alarm and fire protection products. Their current main product is their IQ2+ panel that works with their own slimeline sensors and other sensors from other manjor manufactures. They also have products that help integrate hardwired alarm systems with wireless sensors. The IQ2+ provides […]

Covid-19 Forecast for the Security Industry

I’m not a fortune teller and I make no promises but I have a few thoughts about the impact of Covid-19 on the security industry. Thermal Cameras: I need to address this first.  Every manufacturer is going to try and sell a fever detection system. Companies have already been caught faking the technology and accuracy […]

BEST SFIC Machined or Stamped Caps?

Working with SFIC locks requires learning a new skill set and terminology. It’s a different way to think about locks. One point of confusion is the difference between machine and stamped caps. The LAB pinning kit comes with both machined and stamped caps and both types are readily available from suppliers. So which ones should […]

Covid-19 Lockdown

Our businesses has been deemed essential (security and network infrastructure). In order to promote the safety of our workers and the general public we are still in minimal operation in the field. We are only taking high priority service calls: lockouts, lock and key issues for essential businesses, fixing hazardous door issues, fixing security cameras […]

Now IPVM Video Surveillance Installation Certified

The founder of Lock Alchemy is now an IPVM certified Video Surveillance Installer. The 6 week course consists of bi-weekly online classes, reading assignments, homework, and a final exam.  This thorough class and certification will help consumers understand that we are not just a company that “can do cameras.” Rather, we are passionate about professional […]