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Announcing Hanwha Partnership

Lock Alchemy Locksmiths and Security is proud to announce that we see now authorized dealer of Hanwha security cameras. Hanwha is a subsidiary of Samsung, the South Korean technology company. Being headquartered in South Korea offers several advantages. South Korea has been known for decades of innovation in technology, stable supply chain, and reduced involvement […]

Access Control Brand Highlight: ZKTeco

ZKTeco offers a number of quality products in different sectors. They have everything from access control, visitor management systems, metal detectors, point of sale systems, camera integration and more. ZkTeco may be an excellent choice for your access control project – especially if you are considering integrating many other options and features into your system […]

Lock and Door Challenges in Cleveland Heights

Whenever we get calls to Cleveland Heights we never know exactly what type of lock and door situation we’ll find. The lock is “old.” That could be a lot of different things. In this article we’ll talk about some of the common things we see in homes in Cleveland Heights, OH. Push Knobs – We […]

What is locksport and why should I care?

What is locksport and why should I care? Locksport is a hobby in which people pick locks for fun. The basic ground rules are only picking locks you own, locks that are not in use, and keep everything legal. People interested in physical security or people interested in puzzles typically get into this hobby. They […]

Marijuana Dispensary Security

Businesses are increasingly in need of better physical and computer security. Companies face threats both internally and externally. A comprehensive security approach can help prevent or stop an attack or aid in the recovery of assets. Perhaps no other business has higher physical security needs that marijuana dispensaries. Dispensaries are especially prone to theft for […]


As of March 2nd, 2019 the official slogon of Lock Alchemy, LLC is “In, on, around a door we do it” the slogon is copyrighted. This phrase is copyrighted with our without punctuation of any kind (Including, but but limited to commas and hyphens). “In, on, around a door we do it” © 2019 Lock […]

Lock Rekey near Solon

We are often called out to rekey locks after someone moves into a new home. This was a newer home and had the original door hardware. The entire job took about an hour which included getting to chat with my lovely customers. This house was my favorite kind of rekey. The house had three knobs […]

Sargent Vintage Mortise Lock

This Sargent mortise lock is over 90 years old. It was installed when the house was built over 90 years ago in Cleveland Heights. The buttons were stuck and giving the home owner a lot of problems. Working with these locks is a pleasure and a privilege. However, repairing them is not always an easy […]

Cleveland Locksmith & Security Consultant

There are many reasons why a company would want to hire a locksmith / security consultant. A company may be interested in knowing what they can do to increase their physical and cyber security but may not have the time it resources to schedule on those needs right away. A consultant can develop a plan, […]

Locksmith Service Call Pricing

A Service Call is fee is a bill for the expense associated with the time and travel to diagnose, inspect, and provide expert recommendations by a technician. This is sometimes also referred to as a trip free. Most blue collar trades like plumbing, HVAC, electricians etc. bill for a service call. What are they charging […]