Can I install locks and deadbolts myself?

Installing deadbolts in Cleveland

You certainly can install deadbolts yourself with the right knowledge and tools. Even if you can install locks yourself there still might be several reasons why you would want to hire a professional locksmith.

Here are several reasons why you may still want to hire a locksmith

1) You prefer not to do the work yourself or don’t have the time. Alternatively, you may know how to do it but aren’t 100% confident experimenting on your doors.

2) You want to buy quality locks that aren’t sold it combo packs and the store you bought them for doesn’t rekey them or the person who rekeys the locks isn’t available. (be careful with using hardware stores to rekey locks. Sadly, it’s fairly common to see 5-pin locks that are repinned with only 2, 3 or 4 pins making the lock much less secure.

3) You have older door hardware or more specialized hardware. Many older homes have mortise cylinders or rim cylinders that locksmiths can easily work with and have parts in stock to service. Purchasing these online may end up with improper parts and needing to return them.

4) The right tools to install locks can be expensive. Many home owners have a drill and basic tool set. A reasonable drill will cost around $70 if you don’t have one. A good door jig kit will be around $30, a door latch kit is around $15, a rubber mallet around $10, and a wood chisels for about $10. That’s $65 plus tax for tools many people will only use once. Locksmiths also typically use higher grade more precise tools and specialized tools to install locks.

5) Things can go wrong and you prefer knowing that if anything goes wrong it’s the locksmiths responsibility to fix it. Split wood, damaged door jambs, improper previous installations, warped wood. Additionally, a locksmith might notice other issues with security or with your doors that they can fix on the spot. Locksmiths have a variety of tools, parts, odds and ends that they keep in stock with them for most any repairs.

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable locksmith to install new deadbolts or provide other locksmithing needs contact us.

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