Choosing Medeco Locks

Medeco is one of the biggest names in lock security. If you’re looking to improve your security a known name like Medeco may be your first choice. Medeco is a great company and they offer many excellent products, however, switching to a new lock system can be confusing with Medeco.

Part of that confusion is by design. People invest in Medeco locks for security and key control. Hardware stores don’t have the machinery to duplicate keys. The blanks require special dealer agreements to get and locksmiths will only cut them with proper identification card and paperwork. Different key blanks add to this difficulty.

Medeco offers a variety of different key systems. Original, biaxial, M3, X4 etc. The pros and cons are determined by the specific user application.

While all Medeco locks are top quality some of them are not drill resistant. Got true high value / high security applications drill resistance may be a necessity. Older Medeco systems have expired patents and key blanks are readily available.

If you’re thinking of upgrading to a high security lock system call Lock Alchemy Locksmiths at 216-505-1389. We can walk you through the selection and implemention process.