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Lost car keys, Broken car keys, only have 1 key, no remote.

Car troubles are no fun but luckily there are some easy inexpensive options to solving your car key issues! In the past people were able to go to hardware stores and get car key dupliates. The introduction of transponders on almost all cars made after 1990 has made this a thing of the past. Many hardware stores have gotten into the key duplication business. However, they struggle with cloning transponders, programming keys, programming remotes and do not have options for every make and model. Enter the long standing option, dealerships.

Dealerships are not the only option for obtaining car keys. Dealerships do like the extra revenue of car keys but they’re not experts at it and there are several issues with dealerships. The biggest issue is that the car needs to be at the dealership. If the car does not having a working key the car must be towed to the dealership. Towing a vehicle can be expensive and takes more time than one would imagine to coordinate. Then you must go to the dealership to actually resolve the key issue. Yes they are more expensive but the main issue is really time and how much is your time worth? Dealerships often replace parts in order to match keys to vehicles. Locksmiths do not frequently need to replace parts which also reduces costs. Dealerships often do not have a stock of inventory or key cutting machines in order to produce keys on site. Instead, they order the keys and fobs from the factory. This can add 1-3 days to the process of getting a key.

Between driving to a dealership, possibly getting the car towed, and waiting for them to order parts – dealership car keys are slow and often times fairly expensive.

This is why Lock Alchemy has fully entered the car key service business. We have automotive technicians ready to drive to YOUR location to make new keys, remotes, fobs, proximity remotes, and unlock your vehicle. People are familiar with common car issues like locking keys in the car or losing their keys but don’t fully understand that automotive locksmiths can duplicate car keys, program chips, and pair car key remotes. Essentially, we can cover anything to do with a key and remote. We also program remotes with factory installed remote start systems. (We do service aftermarket remote start systems). Additionally, we program and pair smart keys also known as prox keys or proximity keys. Many people don’t release that most prox keys have an emergency key that we can also cut to match the vehicle in case the battery on the fob dies. We’ve seen many cases where the emergency key was not cut or is not the correct one for the vehicle. This frequently happens when cars are bought from used car dealerships.

We cover 90% of vehicles on the road including Ford, Dodge, Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, Lexus and most other Domestic / Asian makes. We are diligently expanding our make and model coverage to include more European cars. If you have a question related to car keys or would like to schedule service, give us a call!