Cleveland Eviction Services

Evicting tenants is not an easy thing to do. Of course, no one wants to be responsible for removing someone from their home. The legal fees, time, and hassle required can create stress and financial burdens. Bailiff and sheriff assisted evictions can make landlords and real-estate professionals uneasy.

We strive to make the locksmith part of an eviction as easy as possible. We coordinate with local law enforcement and legal entities to ensure an eviction occurs legally. Lock Alchemy can provide full locksmith services during an eviction. We can gain entry to an occupied or unoccupied house. Remove the current locks then rekey them or replace them entirely. We can also gain access to garages, storage areas, and secure them with the appropriate padlocks and other security hardware.

We can provide key duplication services on site and record the keys for future reference. After an eviction is complete we can also provide door repair and replacement services. Door services can increase the value of a home for sale or for rent.

Our experience in coordination with real estate professionals, law enforcement and physical security allow us to provide cost effective solutions. We are able to provide services for one or two evictions or a several in one day. Please reach out to use for more information.