Cleveland Heights Overview

Cleveland Heights is a popular city and thriving city. The city’s population was 46,238 in the 2010 census l. As of the 2010 census, Cleveland Heights was ranked the 8th largest city by population in the Greater Cleveland metropolitan area and ranked 20th in Ohio.

Cleveland Heights boasts several older style mansions that are incredibly impressive. Maintaining original doors and door hardware is a difficult task. Lock Alchemy works with owners of these homes to update the function and look of their hardware while maintaining an older style aesthetic.

Cleveland Heights also has many rental properties. Propert management companies and individual landlords use locksmiths to fix doors and locks and change the key between rentals.

Cleveland Heights is also the home of many small businesses. One area that hosts several small businesses is the Coventry area. Coventry has many small trendy stores, restaurants and other more commercial businesses.

Locksmiths change out locks between tenants of commercial property. They also change locks if an employee is fired or quits. They also fix and repair commercial doors and hinges.

Locksmiths can also provide other security services to small businesses like master keying, padlocks, security cameras, drop safes, file cabinet locks, and regular safes.