Cleveland Locksmith & Security Consultant

There are many reasons why a company would want to hire a locksmith / security consultant.

A company may be interested in knowing what they can do to increase their physical and cyber security but may not have the time it resources to schedule on those needs right away. A consultant can develop a plan, set a timeline, and propose accurate cost estimates.

Risk assessment. Be it from internal theft, external theft, fire, cyber security: knowing what the risks and goes to correct them is half the battle.

They may want to check the validity of information they are receiving from another locksmith or security company installing electonic access control, CCTV cameras, locks and doors. They may already be “in too deep” to switch companies but want to make sure the process is going correctly.

Penetration testing. A security consultant can pretend to be a “bad guy” trying to enter a building physically, through the network, or social engineering.

A company may have in house staff capable of installing and maintaining systems with some guidance and training. Here at Lock Alchemy, we frequently provide keyed alike and master keyed locks to businesses for their maitenance workers to install. We also provide guidance on ordering the correct hardware and can supply it.