Digital Combination Lock Failure

Here’s a report from the field about two digital combination locks that broke.

The first was on the West side. It’s a Schlage digital lock with key over ride. The latch malfunctioned after consistent use. This resulted in both the combination not working and the key over ride not working. This lock was used for a shower room. The lock gets accessed many times a day and is exposed to heat and steam. This was not a good choice for a high use commercial application.

Case 2

The second one was in Mayfield Heights. This lock was used for a shared office that is accessed hundreds of times a day. For not that much money they could have gotten appropriate grade 2 or even grade 1 hardware.

The latch on this digital lock also failed. It’s not surprising given the amount of use it gets.

Off the shelf solutions work for many people but if you run a business you need to consider the long term. Can you deal with a disruption in the work day because of a lock? What’s the replacement cost? How much will it cost to have a locksmith come out and fix the lock?

If you have a commercial property or business give us a call to provide some consultation. We can provide various solutions at different price points and give the pros and cons of each.