DIY Security Cameras & Coaxial Cable

The 2019 holiday season is full of discounts on DIY home camera systems. We recommend that everyone strongly consider using IP cameras with PoE (power over Ethernet). However, budget considerations and the inability to return a kit may result in a home owner sticking with a coax Security camera system.

Here at Lock Alchemy Locksmiths & Security Integrators we do install and service coax cameras with BNC connectors.

We can install your complete system from mounting the cameras, running wire, terminating connections, setting up WiFi, changing settings and configuring remote access.

Many of these kits come with long coax wires pre terminated for an easy install. However, a cable might be considerably too long or too short for your application. You may have one or two cameras that are especially difficult to mount.

Coax cable is not the easiest cable to work with. It’s think, there are two keys that need stripped, the jacket leaves sharp burs behind, and getting the correct length if cut is not easy. Not professional tools are available online but the cost trying to terminate the cable yourself might increase after you use several connectors trying to get an accurate crimp.