Door Fell off Hinges

The other day I completed a door hinge repair for a home in University Heights, OH. The door was older so that could have caused the problem. However, I suspect kids were hanging on the door causing the screws to come out of the top of the door!

The home owner tried to repair the screws in the door hinges but wasn’t successful. Repairing doors and hinges isn’t so difficult if you have the appropriate tools like shins, wedges, and wood working tools etc.

I was able to use doll rods to fill in the holes reinforce with wood glue. While that dried I fixed some other locks in their home.

After the wood glue dried I used longer hinge screws to securely mount the hinges back in to the door jamb. Using the right tools to elevate the door it was easy to do even by myself.

If you have old, sticking, creaky doors contact Lock Alchemy to learn about how you can repair them. Replacing doors can be expensive. We’ll be able to determine if you repairing or replacing is the best option.