A frequent service location for Lock Alchemy is East Cleveland. East Cleveland is a major thoroughfare for surrounding cities. East Cleveland is home to many stores and businesses. These smaller, typically, locally owned business are often times in strip malls. Strip malls typically have glass windows and glass doors. These glass doors are referred to as “storefront doors” or “aluminum storefront doors”or “glass storefront doors.” These doors offer the passerby the ability to look inside the store and be enticed to enter – which is one reason they are so popular. They do have there benefits but they also come with challenges when servicing them. The strip malls in East Cleveland are typically older construction and have seen some wear. The weather and salt rock used in the winter add additional wear and tare on the door. We have the experience and knowledge to service these doors and locking systems. Additionally, many of these storefronts use what is referred to as a roll up gate. Roll up gates use an electronic system to raise and lower the gate. They offer an additional layer of security and protection to the glass storefront. Essentially, they prevent someone walking by from breaking a window and entering the store. We service electronic access control systems and offer security camera systems to these customers. We can install new systems or service existing systems.