Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Lock Alchemy in Cleveland Ohio?

Locks aren’t just a job or a business, they are a passion and an art and I treat them that way. I won’t leave a job until the customer is satisfied and I’m personally satisfied with the level of work performed. We are a mobile locksmith company allowing us to perform locksmith services with very little overhead, reducing costs, and passing along savings. We are locally owned, operated, and we put our name on all the work we do.

What are Locksmith Scam Companies?

There are many “locksmiths” that are nothing more then “lock scammers.” They don’t provide any traditional or regular locksmith work – they only provide emergency services. They wait until people are locked out, vulnerable, and don’t have time to research. There are large networks of faceless companies located all over the US that “dispatch” to local lock smith scammer. The scammers typically pay these companies for the leads. Typically, they show up to a residential lock out, say that the lock cannot be picked, drill the lock and sell them replacement locks for the entire house. These scams can cost $200 to drill the lock to several hundreds to replace locks. This is why it’s important to develop a relationship with a local locksmith that lives in your community before you need them.

Are key duplication services taking away lots of business?

Nope. For most locksmiths small residential key duplication is a small part of their business, it can be time consuming, and it’s certainly not very profitable. Most hardware stores simply duplicate keys, which may not be exact copies of the original. As keys are used frequently they can get worn down.  A trained locksmith can identify if a key needs to be cut from code according to factory settings. It takes time to do this and the profits are only a few cents. Locksmiths have a plethora of other services that they can offer.

I can buy locks at a hardware store why do I need a locksmith?

Anyone is more then welcome to buy locks from a hardware store and install them. We provide locks and other security products to people in Cleveland that aren’t sold in big box stores. We ensure that the locks are installed properly and that the doors are prepared appropriately (stike, latch, mortising etc).  Buying locks and installing them isn’t something that everyone wants to do or feels comfortable doing.

Why are Locksmiths Expensive?

Locksmiths operate similar to most other trades like plumbers, electricians, and carpenters. We have extensive training, expensive tools, stock expensive items, and travel to customers. There are significant costs waiting for customers, driving to and from a location, spending time performing the work, completing paperwork, billing, and managing inventory.

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