Locked Out of your House in Cleveland

So you’re locked out of your house for any number of reasons. First thing is don’t panic. The next thing is follow some easy steps to help you get back into your house with or without a locksmith.

1) Are you sure your lost your keys and are locked out of your house? Do you have your keys with you somewhere else? Did they fall out of your pants into your car? Are they buried in your purse?

2) Do you have someone who can go get your keys? Can you or someone else drive you to where you left them? Can you call a friend or family member that has a key? Sometime even if a friend or family member has a key it may take them hours to arrive and it’s worth calling a locksmith to get you back into your house.

3) Check your doors – you might have not locked one! You’ll also know that you need to work on remembering to lock your doors.

4) Some people might try to enter through windows or other means. Our lawyers don’t want us to tell you to do that. Be careful, it’s at your own risk!

5) Call a Locksmith

Tips for calling a locksmith when you are locked out

Calling a locksmith to unlock your door seems like a simple task. Google, dial a number, book them, they show up and you pay – right?

Unfortunately, a lot of people try to take advantage of people who are locked out because 1) it’s an emergency 2) there is no time to research. The best thing you can do is develop a relationship with a locksmith or a locksmith company in your area before you need them.

If you start calling locksmiths and you feel like they are being shady they just might be. Move on to the next company. A lot of these scam companies are national and pay top dollar for ads all over the internet then “dispatch” near by people. Legitimate local locksmith companies do often “dispatch” people but they generally know where they are and how long it will take them to arrive.

If someone says they need to look at the lock first, run away. They’re trying to avoid giving a price so they can charge something astronomical. Any decent locksmith can open most residential locks with no destructive entry. Occasionally, even the best locksmiths need to drill the lock. It’s normally a sign of defeat though.

Lockouts can be expensive but not too bad. The actual price varies depending on location and time. Weekends, holidays, and late nights always carry a premium. From speaking with locksmiths around America I’ve seen prices from $60-$150+ (for more expensive cities like LA).

If locksmiths could ask one favor, don’t book multiple people and have them race to you. These locksmiths are leaving their homes and families to serve the public – it’s just not nice. This practice has lead to a lot of locksmiths charging for their trip before they even leave and collecting the rest once the job is done.

If you’re in need of lockout services in Cleveland or the surrounding suburbs contact us here or call/text 216-505-1389