Lockey Lever Lock

Recently a large institution reached out to us to change a standard commercial lock to a pushbutton lock. Initially we assumed that the installation would be relatively straightforward. Remove the existing  lock, set the new combination, install the new lock and we would be done.

Upon removing the existing lock we discovered that the lock was not drilled out and a typical fashion. Normally a lock for a commercial application will have through  bolts. These are extra bolts they provide additional security and strength to the lock. However, this lock was drilled out larger than a standard lock and had holes drilled for through  bolts.  The interesting thing is that this lock did not have through bolts. So essentially, They drilled these extra holes for no reason.They drilled these extra holes for no reason.

So we couldn’t simply install the new lock as planned. We started looking around for wraps and plates that would cover these holes, maintain aesthetics, and be cost effective.

We soon discovered that the company actually has a solution for this exact problem. We used the plates designed for a lever locks by Lockey.

The installation required the drilling of a new hole for a supporting screw. The whole who is precisely drilled using a custom to jig and clamps.

The code was sent prior to arriving in order to decrease the amount of time required to be on site and interfere with normal hours of operation. After the lock wasn’t installed we train the staff on how to use the lock, especially the passage function.

At the end of the day I believe we provided a cost-effective solution for this company. We were happy that they were just as pleased as we were.