Locksmith Needs in Beachwood Ohio

Beachwood Ohio is one of Cleveland’s most active suburbs offering homes, businesses, and close access to highways.  The Beachwood Chamber of Congress, at http://beachwood.org/, has several statistics about businesses in Beachwood.

Beachwood hosts over 2,500 different companies and was named the 4th best place in Ohio to start a business by NerdWallet. Since 2009 over $700 Million has been invested into local businesses. It hosts 5,483 housing units and nine hotels with 1,477 rooms. While these statistics are fun, here are how these numbers impact locksmith needs in Beachwood.

The median home value is $291,200 while the average home value in Ohio is 133,700. Unfortunately, this makes Beachwood homes a target for theft and break-ins. Lock Alchemy, LLC can provide a no cost assessment of your property for security needs including door reinforcement, window reinforcement, security systems, and quality locks. Many more affluent home owners chose to have cleaning help and household assistance. Bringing workers into your home can create unique challenges that we can help overcome.

The large number of businesses in Beachwood create a need for commercial locksmith services. These services can include installing automatic door openers, exit devices, panic devices, master key systems, and Electronic Access Control.

Over 25,000 people work in Beachwood. If just each person had 1 key that would 25k keys! Losing keys is annoying, costly, and can reduce security of sensitive information and materials. At Lock Alchemy we provide several services and products, like SFIC Small Format Interchangable Cores, that allow business owners to affordably and quickly manage their security.