Lost File Cabinet Keys

key code for a file cabinet lock

I frequently get calls calls looking for a key for a file cabinet lock. My first recommendation is always to check to see if the lock has a key code on it. Companies often put key codes on a lock. These key codes allow a locksmith or the company to produce a key that will match that lock. If there is a code and the customer knows company that made the cabinet I first thing that I do is tell them to call the company. Often times the company will simply ship them a new key for a small fee. This saves them the hassle of taking pictures.

Then showing them to a locksmith to produce a key. This code system sounds simple but it can actually be very complicated. There are hundreds of different types of keys. Key codes are not available for every make and model. Even if a locksmith makes a key it might not end up working. This is why I encourage everyone to save the hassle and just order a key.

Sometimes the company no longer exists or they don’t even know the proper key for the cabinet lock. Once this is the case I can do the research and produce a working key for the file cabinet. I always recommend the past of least resistance and try to save customers money and time.