Making Sure People Can’t Copy Keys

Do Not Duplicate, Copy Right, All Rights Reserved.

We’ve seen these phrases everywhere yet people still copy keys, pirate software, and share music illegally.

Do you want to ensure no one is able to copy your keys to your home or business? Enter “key control.”

Key Control is the idea that only certain individuals have access to certain types of keys. They can be restricted to locksmiths, distributors, geographical areas, and end-users.

Locksmiths that have accounts with certain distributors are able to purchase lock cylinders and key blanks distributor limited keyway. While this adds a layer of complication to getting a copy it’s far from full proof. These blanks are often available online from many dealers. There are some locksmiths that will over look securing appropriate documentation before duplicating these types of keys.

Real restricted key systems require a locksmith to buy in to a product line. This ensures that only locksmiths who’ve spent large sums of money are able to make key copies.