Marijuana Dispensary Security

Businesses are increasingly in need of better physical and computer security. Companies face threats both internally and externally. A comprehensive security approach can help prevent or stop an attack or aid in the recovery of assets. Perhaps no other business has higher physical security needs that marijuana dispensaries.

Dispensaries are especially prone to theft for several reasons. Federal law and banking regulations make it very difficult for these businesses to deposit cash. This results in large amounts of physical cash bring stored on premisis. Additionally, the physical product that carry is lightweight, very valuable, and near impossible to trace. A pound of medical grade marijuana retails for around $6,500 in Ohio.

Unlike other industries, dispensaries are often but able to use insurance coverage for damages. Insurance companies are not going to be keen on replacing 5 lbs of medical grade marijuana. (~$32,500) or tens of thousands of dollars in cash from the sale of a product that is doll federally illegal.

So how sound marijuana dispensaries protect themselves? Develop relationships with individuals and companies you trust to be long-tet partners.

Plan, implement, revise. A comprehensive security plan will require extensive planning and take time to implement. Budget both dollars and time accordingly. Once a plan is implemented schedule routine maitenance to make sure things are still operating well, staff is trained, and systems are updated.