• “Keyed Alike”

    One key works on all locks

  • “Keyed Differently”

    Each lock has its own unique key

  • “Master Keyed"

    Each lock has its own key. But a special key can open all locks on a master key system.

Master key systems continue to be a relevant solutions for many facilities and businesses. Electronic access systems offer a valuable solution for certain applications. However, the cost of new hardware, installation, and maintenance often provide budget challenges. Masterkey systems excel with a small to medium size number of doors and a small to medium size number of personal. No Matter how large or small a property, we can develop a solution for you!

A master key system limits access to designated areas while allowing authorized persons to have access to all locks/rooms. Here’s an example of a master key system: A Business owner has one key that opens all locks of the facility, while employees only have their key that works to areas they’re authorized to be in. Managers don’t have to worry about carrying around the “wrong key” because his key will work on al of the locks