• Fix Deadbolt Installations

  • Install New Deadbolts

  • Install & Set-up Smart Locks

Cabling is the intersection of IT and your physical building infrastructure. No two buildings or needs are same. IT infrastructure is the backbone of every business and organization. Connecting computers, phones, tablets to the internet, internal networks, printers, VoIP and other peripheral hardware. Businesses and organizations rely on these systems to work quietly in the background to accomplish their goals. Proper planning, installation, maintenance, and upgrades can prevent issues and downtime.

Lock Alchemy can help with that planning to ensure a neat installation that meet stringent installation requirements.

Why Us? The short answer is we can help you make the right network cabling and related equipment decisions based on your current situation and projected growth needs. The choices are primarily based on service utilization and speed/performance requirements, how long you will be in your current or new facility, and budget.