New Lock Install for John Carol Rental

I just installed a new lock the other day for a student at John Carol in University Heights. She bought an electronic lock online and wanted me to install it. I informed her that it wouldn’t be under my warranty but I’d gladly install the lock.

The lock was from a major manufacturer but I was shocked by the quality, or lack there of. It was a surface mount lock and would have been a real pain to install. It would have required series modification to the door door and door jamb. If it would ever be removed it would leave some nasty holes. Additionally, it only used key fobs and cards not number entry. That’s a strange choice for electronic access control for home. The point of keyless entry is defeated if you need a fob!

I suggested a Lockey M210 Lock that I have in stock. This lock offers several advantages.

This Lock Mounts in the Typical way

The surface mounted lock would have required modifications to the door jamb and leave screw holes in the door. The Lockey can be replaced be any standard door knob, deadbolt, or filler plate.

No Batteries

Batteries are another fail point for a lock. Imagine a student goes home for a two week break betweenn semesters. They don’t hear the low battery warning and return to their rental unable to get into their room!


A good lock that has a low probability  to fail is what you need. An all mechanical lock is going to almost always be more durable than an electronic lock.

Ease of Use

It doesn’t require fobs or cards are required, just a simple code. The code can be given to someone in a pinch if you need someone to access you’re room.

I drilled a new lock bore, strike, set the code and installed it within under an hour! They were very happy with the product!