Oberlin Locksmith

Oberlin is another city that has a lot to do with my interest in becoming a locksmith. Growing up my sister sang in the Oberlin Choristers. At that time, they held their practices in a large church. The church was filled with interesting rooms, hallways, and even closets. What was fascinating to me is that sometimes doors would be locked and sometimes they weren’t. Depending on the week, I might be able to play inside a certain room and the next week that room would be locked. Maybe this is one of the reasons I developed such a strong interest in locks and doors. I also got the opportunity to frequent the local shops in the downtime – and now we get to service those same businesses!

Oberlin is a small city (total area of 4.96 square miles) with a very rich history. It was instrumental in the underground railroad a central part of the abolitionist movement. Most people know of Oberlin from the Oberlin College and Conservatory. The College and people who attended their were involved in some historic changes against slavery, inclusion of women in higher education, and other social causes.

Being a historic town Oberlin has older businesses and homes that have antique locks. One of our areas of expertise is servicing these older locks and doors. Some people want to preserve the original hardware and aesthetics and we are more than happy to help them do so. Being a college town, there is a frequent changeover of residents and many people want to change the locks on their apartments. In addition, a lot of college students tend to lose their keys. We won’t go into the many reasons why this is a frequent occurrence for college students :)

Regardless of the locksmith service you need in Oberlin, we are ready to help you with your residential, commercial, or automotive locksmith needs!