We’re proud to provide locksmith services to Pepper Pike Ohio. Pepper Pike is primarily a residential neighborhood with high value homes. These homes typically have expensive door handle sets and more expensive locks like Schlage.

Here’s an example of a home we recently serviced in Pepper Pike. This home had a Schlage door handle which costs around $130 which was broken. The front door also had a deadbolt. There was a garage entrance, side door, and a man door on the garage.. They had a total of 6 Schlage locks. They had a sliding door in the back of the home and a lock and deadbolt on their shed. We keyed the sliding glass door and shed door to match. A total of 11 locks and now they just have two keys. Originally, the owner was only provided keys for the garage door entrance. We were able to save this customer a significant amount of money by rekeying them and providing a new latch for their handle. They were provided with 15 keys that we cut on the spot. We also saved them the frustration of buying new locks and installing them themselves.

Realtors who list homes in Pepper Pike are happy to have us a contact for door and lock work for these beautiful homes.