Reviews for Locksmiths

A positive review can go a long way for a local South Euclid / University Heights based business. Only after a job is complete, the customer is satisfied, and they’ve paid do I bring up leaving a review. I don’t want the customer to feel any pressure or incentive to leave a review – I want it to be genuine.

Customer reviews go a long way when it comes to finding new clients. People use reviews on Amazon and Yelp and similar companies to make decisions about what products to buy and which company to hire.

Reviews don’t just provide an opportunity to advertise and grow the business. I’m proud and grateful when people are satisfied with my work and take a little bit of time to show that appreciation.

A lot of times people aren’t sure what to say. I don’t want to write a review for myself. However, I tell people to think about what they liked best: quality of work, showing up on time, cleaning up, price, friendly service etc.

Simply leaving a 5 Star review on Google Business and saying “great job,” helps tremendously. Money is nice but I’d take a review over a tip any day.

One thing that I like about reviews is that they play into my business model. I’m not going to try and upcharge for something to make a quick buck. I’d much rather give the customerbecactly what they want at a fair price. It’s good for everyone and it’s the right thing to do. Remember the golden rule of treating others how they’d like to be treated.

Giving a good price or fixing something small at no cost “loses” a few dollars now. Positive reviews and word of mouth are far more valuable. I’m not saying I wa t it to happen every day but I like when I show up and dont even charge a customer. Yes, the assessment is free. That type of service is worth more than any advertising cost.