We provide Safe Deposit Box services to banks and credit unions in the greater Cleveland area. Not all locksmiths provide safe deposit services. There are a myriad of reasons why not all locksmiths provide these services. Servicing safe deposit boxes requires specialty tools, training, carrying an inventory and sophistication to work in a bank.

We provide the following services:

  • Safe Deposit Opening when keys are lost
  • Replacing safe deposit boxes
  • Safe Deposit key duplication
  • New Installations
  • Servicing of broken or malfunctioning doors and locks

How We Provide Services

We develop a relationship with banks, credit unions, or hotel to perform safe deposit services. Typically we meet with the branch manager to discuss their needs and what we can offer. We then provide insurance information, background checks, references, and provide contracts that they can sign. Our agreements don’t hold banks and hotels into contracts that limit their ability to use other service providers. We truly believe that what is best for the customer and end-user is ultimately the best for us.

Safe Deposit Lock are not all Alike

Not all safe deposit locks are the same. In fact, there are many companies that produce locks and many different versions. We carry a stock of inventory for the type of safe deposit lock the bank or credit union uses in order to assure same day service. Different lock models also use different keys.



Here is an example of a singular safe deposit lock. Notice that the round lock faces, called horns or noses, are not the same size. This particular lock has different sizes noses. This means that a replacement lock must have the same size noses in order to maintain security, aesthetics, and fit into the doors.






Aside from manufacturer and model another complication in finding the correct replacement lock is “handing.” Some doors open to the left and some doors open to the right. The correct handing on a lock is necessary for the lock to function in a safe deposit box.








These are safe deposit box keys. They are actually very different from regular keys. These keys are also called “flat steel keys.” The metal composition of the keys is different from regular keys. In addition, they require special machinery and cutting wheels to cut the keys.