Sargent Vintage Mortise Lock

This Sargent mortise lock is over 90 years old. It was installed when the house was built over 90 years ago in Cleveland Heights. The buttons were stuck and giving the home owner a lot of problems.

Working with these locks is a pleasure and a privilege. However, repairing them is not always an easy task.

When removing the case for the lock care must be taken to make sure no parts drop off or springs go flying. As soon as the case is open you should take a picture of the lock. In case anything happens you can use the picture as a guide to reassmble the lock. If you remove any items you sound take another picture.

Often times cleaning these locks can be accomplished with lubricants. The same amount of care sound be taken when reassembling the lock.

Typically, reinserting the lock into the door is normally completed without incident. The lock sounds be thoroughly tested before calling the job “done.”