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***For Commercial and Technology Services Please Contact Us Directly***

Typical Services

1) Rekey Locks – Remove old pins, put in new ones. The old key doesn’t work anymore but a new key works.

2) Replace Locks – Sometimes locks are old, worn, or damaged. We carry all standard knobs/ deadbolts in silver nickel, brass, and oiled rubber bronze.

3) Getting every lock to open on the same key – Our goal is to get every lock to open with the same key. There are two standard locks in residential use: Kwikset (KW1) and Schlage (SC1). A Schlage key does not fit into Kwikset. A Kwikset key does not fit into Schlage. Example. If there are 4 Schlage Locks and 2 Kwikset keys, we can rekey both and provide you with 2 new keys or we can replace the 2 Kwikset locks with Schlage so everything can be on the same key.

4) Keyed Alike / Keyed DifferentKeyed alike means one key will open both locks. Keyed different means each lock has it’s own unique key.

5) Entry Doors – Often times duplexes have a common entrance. We can key shared entry doors alike and key each apartment differently.

6) Lock Boxes – We can leave keys in a lockbox. We will set the lockbox to a 4-digit numerical code you provide or will choose one at random.

7)  Drill hole for a new deadbolt – We can drill and install new deadbolts.

Service Request Form

Lock Alchemy

Service Call $85

A locksmith will provide exact pricing on location.
We have very competitive pricing, so even without knowing exactly what you need you'll have a general idea of the final price.

Rekey a Lock $15

We change the pins so the old key doesn't work but a new key will.


No key: How many locks do you not have keys for? $5

We use the current key to open the lock and remove the pins. If we don't have a key to a lock, it can take twice as long.


Standard Knob or Deadbolt Replacement $35

Sometimes knobs or deadbolts are beyond repair. Standard knobs and deadbolts are the same price. We stock the following finishes: silver nickel, brass, oiled rubber bronze (black). Price Keyed and Installed. If you are replacing a lock there is no cost to rekey.


Premium Knob or Deadbolt Replacement $45

Better than locks available at hardware stores! Price Keyed and Installed. If you are replacing a lock there is no cost to rekey. Lifetime Warranty on Hardware. Silver Nickel and Brass finishes. Schlage Keyway only.


New Deadbolt Bore (hole) $60

If a door only has a hole for a knob you can add one for a deadbolt. Metal doors require extra labor and cost $75.


Fix Strike $35

Doors can get out of alignment causing issues with the latch and deadbolt working. We can adjust strikes so the locks work properly.


Smart Lock Installation $30

Installation of standard smart lock. Does not include any drilling services


Antique & Mortise Locks

Inquire for additional services.