South Euclid Storefront Door Lock Repaired


We got a call to repair a storefront door for a business in South Euclid. Not to throw anyone under the bus, but the previous locksmith was just not up to doing the job.

These types of locks are called “Adams Rite” locks and they are typically found on aluminum glass storefront doors. They have pretty tight tolerances so you need to be careful to make sure everything is lined up properly and tightened enough – but not too much.

adams rite latch lock body side view



One of our locksmiths arrived to the job and removed the cover plate exposing a number of screws that were not tightened down. The cylinder was spinning whenever they tried to use the key. This means that the set screw for the mortise cylinder was not tightened down properly. The exit paddles also need to be carefully adjusted or else it will result in the paddle only working sometimes or not all.

You can clearly see the lose screws and that the lock body is out of alignment. The golden screws near the top of the lock are set screws that hold down internal parts. The left is for the cam and the right is for the lock cylinder. The locksmith adjusted the position of the lock inside the door and tightened all the screws.








commercial storefront door for a business in south euclid

Now you can see the lock all put back together with the face plate on. They are using the cylinder hold back function. This allows the door to remain locked during regular business hours. After hours the lock can be used from the inside by pressing the paddle or the key can be used from the outside.


We did not supply any parts for this job. We simply fixed what was in place.