Top Questions I Get Asked as a Locksmith

Can you pick every lock?

Every lock probably can be picked by someone.

Can’t you just slip a credit card between the latch to open the door?

Slipping a latch to open the door isn’t as easy as it sounds. There has to be enough of a gap between the door and frame to get a piece of shim stock between the latch. Additionally, if the lock and door frame are positioned correctly, the deadlock plunger will be depressed and the latch is much more difficult to bypass. It might technically be the easiest way to get into a door but in practice it’s not. We typically use several other methods of entry before trying to slip the latch.

Can I buy lock picks?

Simple answer is yes. Some states have rules about lock picks and locksmithing products.

How do you know it’s the person’s house?

We check ID. It wouldn’t be smart for a robber to create a paper trail of phone records, payment, and invite a witness to the scene of their crime.

Can you copy any key?

We can copy any key we have a key blank for. Key blanks are uncut metal in the shape of the key. Unique keyways or restricted keys have very different profiles from one another. Some blanks are very difficult to find while others are restricted on purpose to prevent unauthorized duplication.