University Heights Locksmith

We proudly dispatch from University Heights and our physical address is in South Euclid. This allows us to offer  extremely fast service for those living in surrounding neighborhoods.

University Heights, “The City of Beautiful Homes,” has many unique aspects that increase the city’s need for a locksmith.

The Need for a Knowledgeable Locksmith

The city has many older homes. The door hardware on these homes is often the original door hardware. This can create several issues that prevent someone from simply buying a new lock and replacing it. The following picture is an example of an older style bore for a lock. It’s too small for a modern lock and needs to be enlarged before the new lock can be installed.

Care has to be taken not to damage the wood and old paint. Here’s an example of an older style strike that may cause issues after a new lock is installed. Before you drill, consider the jig alignment, backset, paint, scratch marks, and more when boring a new hole over this one.

Strike Plate

The strike plate is the piece of metal on the door jamb that the latch goes into. There were many older styles of strike plates. Again, care has to be taken when updating this as wood could have warped or been damaged over the years. Older homes may have the new style strike plates but they may be damaged.


Specialty Hardware

Repairing broken specialty lock and door hardware can be a pain. It’s difficult to source parts. If you decide that you’d like to replace the older door and lock hardware you need to consider what you’re going to replace it with. Do you want the same function or a different function? How will the new hardware look? Will the new hardware cover up older paint marks and scratches? Specialty door hardware like lock handle sets can easily cost over $100.