University Heights Rental Fee and New Demand for Maintenance

Things are changing for rental properties and landlords in University Heights. A recent article related updates about the increase in rental permit fees. The University Heights counsel recently decided to increase the permit fees. However, University Heights Mayor Michael Dylan Brennan decided to put a temporary freeze on the increase. The new ordinance would increase permit fees from $300 every two years to $600 annually for single-family rental homes, and from $400 every two years for two-family rental homes to $800 every year.


The increase in funds will be used to hire another inspector and other personnel. More frequent inspections will significantly increase the workload. Increased inspections and citations will likely increase the demand for residential contract work in University Heights. Landlords that neglect to make corrections will be fined.


The increase in inspections and fines will have several outcomes for UH and surrounding businesses. Landlords will need to find quick and reliable companies to fix issues with concrete, electrical work, plumbing, and doors. Lock Alchemy expects an increase in the amount of landlords looking to solve issues with locks and doors. Our proximity to University Heights and quick service will allow us to provide quick and affordable locksmith services to landlords in University Heights.