Wire Stripper Review

There are a lot of different tools for stripping and cutting wire. You’re like alchemy locksmiths and security we are always looking for tools to make our jobs easier more efficient and produce a better end result. Our constant reinvestment has led us to purchase a number of different tools.

Our latest favorite tool, is the Irwin automatic cable stripper. This tool automatically adjusts to remove the jacket on a cable. It’s rated for removing 10-24 ga wire. It’s been the most useful for removing the jacket on thicker cables. We found it on cables 20 ga and above it does have a tendency to cut the cable instead of removing the jacket. However, this tool does incredibly well on cables that are often used for the installation of access control, alarms, and other low voltage applications.

This particular style of crimper, cutter, and stripper is seen in a lot of big box stores. However, the quality is often severely lacking making the tool almost unusable even after just a few uses. We decided to try the Knipex version of this tool, the Knipex 97 22 240. Unfortunately, this tool is not made in Germany, it’s made in Taiwan. It’s still a very high quality tool but it’s not German made. It’s fantastic for crimping a small butt connectors, beanies, and other connectors. It’s multifunction use also makes it a great addition to any field service kit.

Next up is the Knipex 16 95 01 SB ErgoStrip Universal Dismanting Tool. It’s small, easy to use, and is a great addition to any field toolkit. Unfortunately, the wire sizes are given in millimeters so it does take some knowledge to use. It is useful for making very clean exact strips if you want to be a little OCD about lengths.

Our last and favorite item is the Southwire Tools & Equipment S1020SOL-US 10-20 AWG SOL & 12-22 AWG STR Compact Handles Wire Stripper/Cutter. in my opinion, this is his hands down the best compact wire stripper available. It’s great for tight spaces and accurately stripping small wires. Many electricians typically strip heavier gauge wire so their tools aren’t the best fit for low voltage applications. This wire stripper seems like it was designed for low voltage.